So I tried Neverwinter online on PS4 since it’s free and we have two PlayStation 4 consoles and thus want more games to play together. WoW was the first mmorpg I tried and didn’t quite enjoy it. Later on I’ve tried Lord of the Rings online and that was a bit boring too, even with friends! I’ve played The Elder Scrolls online a bit and it feels okay, just haven’t had enough money to buy a second copy to play together. So that’s how we ended up playing Neverwinter, and​ it’s really good for a free game i think!

As an old Dungeons and Dragons player the world and characters in this game are definitely up my alley. The colorful fantasy world with multitude of choices in character creation is just what I love. I spent almost 2 hours making my character, who’s a sun elf mage. I hate making mage characters in pen and paper rpg’s due to it being so tediously complicated, so I really wanted to make one for this game!

Anyhow, Neverwinter online is fun, but as it is a mmorpg I can’t quite immerse myself in the game like I do in ‘solo’ games. But it’s really a neat game to play together with a friend or a spouse. Sometimes the operating system is a bit much for a newbie, and finding each other in the game still requires some work, but nevertheless the overall experience is definitely positive! Best free mmo I’ve played. 

Love, your queen


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