Playstation 4 couple double!


So a while ago we bought a beautiful white PlayStation 4 slim and now we finally have two ps4 consoles! We would have bought a second ps4 earlier but they were too expensive, until I found one at a good price, that is! It’s been awesome to have two ps4 because now we don’t have to take turns and we can also play  co-op together!

The only downside is we have to buy a game twice if we want to play it at the same time(and/or co-op). I’ve heard it could be possible to use the one copy simultaneously but I wasn’t able to figure it out even after a YouTube tutorial. It’s no biggie though because there’s not that many games we’d have to buy another copy of!

There’s our silly happy grins for ya! The first game we decided to co-op is Bloodborne, we haven’t played it a whole lot together yet but it’s been freaking awesome! We are waiting to find Dark Souls 2 and 3 for a reasonable price so we can play them together too. I’m definitely recommending having two consoles if you live with a gamer girl/boy, it’s so cool!

Your queen, Auburn


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