Retro game love <3


Hello my lovely geeks!

I recently got this cool red game boy pocket version from my good friend, I was so excited about it I started looking up games and other old-ish consoles too. Sooo I ended up buying the Gameboy advance sp for a really good price, and a game to go with it of course. And I just bought ducktales(8€!) for my new- old game boy, and i am anxiously waiting for it to get here.

Only difficult thing I encountered with buying these old games  was the game module’s empty batteries! This is a condition unknown to me until now because even though I played a lot with NES and Sega mega drive as a kid, the batteries never ran dry because they have a long lifespan.

Thankfully I’ve found some people who will change the batteries for a small sum of money, because most of the old game module maintenance is not for newbies at all. The shitty thing about the empty batteries(for those who don’t know) is that you can’t save your game. In the newer game modules like Gameboy advance sp the batteries only affect things like in- game time (pokemon!).

Retro games are awesome (especially with yummy candies haha) but one definitely needs to get oneself familiar with all the old timey problems if the retro fever starts getting high!

Love, your geeky queen


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