Pokémon Red, back to basics

So because I have trouble sleeping many times a week, I have my 3ds on the sidetable for especially bad nights and at those times I want to play something chill and relaxing so what did I buy from Nintendo eShop? Pokémon Red.

I started playing Pokémon games with the Nintendo DS so my first game was diamond & pearl. This is because as a kid I didn’t own a Gameboy so I had a limited Pokémon experience, having access only to the anime which I loved. So playing the classic first (non-japanese) Pokémon game in the dead of night is really a weird nostalgia trip because I always wanted to play it but couldn’t, and now I can! It’s a weird but good feeling.

I always name my Pokémon (not very gracefully everytime) and I love catching ’em all! I love Pokémon Red because it’s so simple and yet genius. It’s Pokémon at it’s rawest, only concentrating on the bare necessities. This to me is refreshing. Don’t get me wrong I love the new games with their modern graphics, minigames and the ever growing amount of new Pokémon. But sometimes it really is amazing to get (back) to basics.

With love, your queen


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