Sorry not sorry,and the sims 4


Hi peeps, sorry for being quiet I’ve been sick so… that was fun! My brain still won’t work perfectly but I’m gonna write anyway. But I’m not sorry for this stupid blog post! BTW I made a Bitmoji of myself because I can, and I’m gonna use them every now and then since they’re actually quite funny.

So while sick I actually played a lot of the sims 4 which I kinda left alone for a long time because let’s face it, it was fucking boring before. Well now that there’s been a couple updates and new dlc it’s finally worth playing! I don’t have all the  content of course because MONEY but I’ve got the new vampire add on, the city living add on, the go to work add on and the weird camping/let’s go out to the woods! Add on. I clearly can’t remember the actual names but you get the gist, if not, sorry not sorry! :’) the long awaited toddler update is here too so go get crazy! I’ve made cute vampire kids which is disturbing but kewl. 

The best and most important expansions for me are the city living (I love the apartment buildings!) And the vampire dlc which is actually pretty well made! There’s a bunch of vampire powers to learn, a  kind of a level system for how powerful your vamp is, vampire topics to talk about and of course new world, new clothes etc. 

Well anyway, if you want my opinion now’s the time to play the sims 4! Go on, play with the digital little doll house!
With love, your queen


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