Wearing game fan products yay or nay? Well Yay I say!


I’ve always felt a bit self conscious about wearing any game related clothing or accessories because I think too much of what others think. I’ve heard of  awful things happening to girls and women who have worn e.g. a Kirby hat or an assassin’s Creed school bag. For example “I bet you haven’t even played that game you attention whore!” Or some muttering about being a show off gamer girl in desperate need for recognition. And that fucking sucks! Boys have much less or no problems like these and that’s just wrong. Not that boys should receive such sucky comments either of course.

But as I am getting dangerously older I’m caring less and less about some asshat’s ignorant blathering, and wearing more and more game stuff regardless. I just wish the younger and especially the more shy and tender gals wouldn’t have to worry if someone is or is not going to say something mean to them just because they wear a Fallout t-shirt and have the audacity of being a girl gamer. I’m sure the said phenomenon is getting rarer all the time but this still happens so yeah, shut the fuck up if you got nothing nice to say. Or off with your heads it is!

With love, your queen.


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  1. BlogP4nda says:

    I wear as much game related as I can, sadly it’s hard to come by around here. I mostly DIY my own stuff.

    However, it is sad that the younger audience is getting bad comments and such in school, but I would suppose that it is due to many more “popular” girls online around that fakes being a Gamer to get attention and it pulls everyone else under the same light.

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    1. auburn.geek says:

      Yeah I agree, a few bad apples spoile a bunch. Cool that you make your own stuff btw!


      1. BlogP4nda says:

        I kinda have to when I can’t buy (: plus it’s fun.

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  2. Cel says:

    This happens to me constantly, so I hear what you’re saying! I have hand painted Vault Boy shoes that I wear during the warmer months and have been asked to my face by complete strangers, “Yea but have you actually played?” Completely unprompted. On the other hand, why does it matter if people do or don’t play something? I love Poros from LoL but have never actually played myself. I have just watched people play. Is it a crime that I still want to wear a Poro necklace? They’re cute a.f and people should mind their own business! Or at least not be judgmental when I reply honestly and say, “I play a lot of other games but not this one in particular. I just really like the character.” People just need to chill and be kind :D.


    1. auburn.geek says:

      I totally hear ya! And if u watch the game I think it’s just as normal to wear player/character fan gear as when people do the same with football etc. 🙂


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