EA wtf?

A short rant this time!

So I just browsed the Origin’s online games store and realized EA is actually asking for pretty much full price of The Sims 3( yes 3!) Games/add ons. Like what the fuck for reals? The game is years old and it was effing broken too, almost on any computer it would lag and act out. And they are still asking for full price?

I’m paying the same amount for the new Sims 4 add- ons!! They should make a bundle of all the Sims 3 add- ons and sell it for like 80 €(or whatever the amount would be in dollars). I know EA is known for being super greedy but this is ridiculous. Absolutely amazing. Off with their heads i say! Rant over. Love ya.

Regards, your queen.


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  1. BlogP4nda says:

    I’ve actually never seen The Sims 3 as faulty. I suppose it’s also not that strange that they still milk their most popular part of the franchise, as Sims 4 didn’t get much love.

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    1. auburn.geek says:

      It’s just that I’ve heard a lot how the sims 3 was made a bit crooked so that’s why it was lagging a lot even on a good computer! Got pals in the computer software business so they are more aware of this than I am of course 😀 still loved the games though 🙂


      1. BlogP4nda says:

        Ah yeah, now that you mention it. I’ve heard that too. I love the games too. (:

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