Story of seasons, first impression

So my husband bought me the new-ish Nintendo 3DS game, story of seasons. It’s a farming game much like animal crossing and harvest moon. I haven’t played said games myself but have heard the similarities are abundant. I got interested in these farming rpg games after playing some 80 hours of Stardew Valley,these kinds of games are perfect for a tired geek who wants to put their brains on rest mode. And that’s true for me a lot lately!

That cute thing right there is my character(named Hel like in the Viking mythology), the style of the game is chibi like and graphics are more than simple. The game seems really simple altogether at least for the first few hours of game play, of which I must say a painfully lot has been getting through a very nitpicking tutorial. I mean it’s really effing thorough, like it’s meant for a 3 year old. Well technically it is allowed for that young players but still, c’mon. Thus far it seems promising, but the game starts slow so I gotta play more to tell you what I think. 



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  1. BlogP4nda says:

    That game looks so cute. I love the Harvest Moon games and Stardew Valley as well.


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