Mother Russia Bleeds is freaking awesome!

If you are like me and like old streets of rage games you will effing love Mother Russia Bleeds, it’s an amazing side scrolling 2D hack and slash action mess! You get to fuck up Russian mob and government so completely, it’s quite rewarding actually! The story is interesting but simple so I’ll leave figuring that out to you my dear subjects.

There’s 4 different characters to choose from(try ’em all!), a story mode that you can complete co-oping with friends and an arena if you still want more violence. The name says it all, really. It’s perfect for those times you wanna game but don’t want to concentrate so much in what you’re doing, or for the times when you really wanna whack someone but rather not go to prison for it 😀 

And up there’s a pic of my fav situation in the game :p



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